• Do YOUR partners meet your revenue expectations?
  • Do YOUR partners understand your value proposition and treat you as a strategic resource?
  • Is YOUR current partner strategy working?

All too often … partnerships are hastily formed with great fanfare and high goals … only to wither and come to a premature end due to unmet expectations and lackluster sales! Partnering with a large Systems Integrator (SI), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or Hardware Manufacturer, can be a key element to a Small Business Growth Strategy … when implemented properly.

However, many Small Businesses simply aren’t seeing meaningful results from their partnerships. Large SIs, ISVs, and manufacturers, often have hundreds of resellers and service partners which tends to “commoditize” the partners to drive down their pricing. In addition, they have complex organization structures that are difficult to navigate, which also limits access to decision makers, influencers, and the broader organization.

Dean Vaccaro has deep expertise in Partner Alliance Management having worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, EMC, Accenture, Microsoft, and Lockheed. He also has deep expertise in working with small and midsize businesses (SMB) to help them develop and implement a partner strategy to stand out from the crowd, position them as a strategic partner, and navigate the partner organization by connecting the dots to the decision makers and influencers in order to accelerate time to revenue.